I was walking 2 miles to the train station which is perfect time to reflect.

I really care about people.

I care about the quality of my life too. It’s why I’m building Phroogal. I know it can help many out there. It’s something that can help me out too. It is what keeps me working through the night burning that midnight oil and seeing the early dawn. I’m passionate about it.

Yes, am I scared? You better believe it. I am more scared than you think.  Fearful that it won’t do what I set out for it to do.  The mental jousting that occurs is mind draining and at times I feel maybe I should just wrap it up.  But I am determined.

I met a new friend through a social connection on Twitter.  A friend’s retweet of his tweets made me follow him.  Eventually, I reached out and was amazed.  A college student and an entrepreneur.  He inspired me.

At 22, he sold his first laundry business and now working on a site called Cornellious.com. That short conversation reminded me of why I’m doing what I am doing.  It’s because we do it for the same reason.  We know its going to make people happy.  It’s going to better their life in some way. You have to admire the ambition and drive.  It takes a lot of work to take an idea [How many of us have ideas?] and actually execute on it.

Last night, I took a break from Phroogal and watched videos from my feed on Youtube.  My 10 year old nephew just posted a new video he titled, “Lego Harlem Shake.”  It made me laugh so loud I’m sure my friend in the other room could here me and I could imagine the look on his face.  That’s ambition.  To have an idea and just doing it.

It’s not easy at all.

But, I don’t think anyone said it ever was so only a few ever venture down this path.  My parents did and it taught me a lot and I can probably write an entire book on the lessons I’ve learned during childhood.



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