An idea is just an idea.

But an idea that’s executed can be life changing.

A few years ago, I had an idea for a road trip. I wanted to go around the country motivating people on financial education. I understood at the time that people knew the importance of personal finance but also chose not to make time to enhancing one’s money skills.

That’s because money is a social status and indicating to anyone you may not know how to handle money is a social faux pas. The reality is that we learn our money habits from our family, friends and coworkers. You might not be openly talking about your finances, but you are nonverbally communicating by the clothes you wear, the car you drive, vacations you take and the priorities you place in life.

I knew the traditional method to solve this problem was to wait for people to come to the educators. We’re required to take classes in art, history and math but no classes in personal finance, the banking system or investing. In fact, we tell people to have a dream, get educated, and get a job, yet we don’t talk about the one thing that impacts our ability to achieve our dreams — money.

So government organizations, nonprofits, financial technology companies, along with banks and credit unions create more apps and seminars. But what’s really needed was a different approach in how we talk about money.

Money is a tool. Money is personal. It is not the end goal. It is not just about the numbers.

The success of the road trip last year, where we met over 8,000 people across the country, was due in part to our ability to connect money to achieving purpose.

Spending is a matter of fact. You work to earn money to spend it but most aren’t spending it to serve their purpose or towards things that actually matter to them.

So, I set to change the conversation. I challenged myself to take an idea I had for years and make it a reality. I created The Road to Financial Wellness, a grassroots social campaign to empower a generation to live their dream lifestyle through financial knowledge. The mission is to help you understand your relationship with money, increase your knowledge of personal finance, and change your behaviors. My goal is that you’re spending your time and money to create and live a purposeful life.


On June 7, 2016 I am kicking off my second attempt to make financial education history. We will have 50 pit stops and participate in events across the country for the entire summer. That goal is coming to realization as we’ve already set dozens of events with city governments, nonprofits, colleges and universities, credit unions and banks.

This summer will be about financial wellness.

I invite you to join me this summer to have a discussion, complete a bucket list item, attend an event or simply to explore.

Learn more:

Preorder and get my book (released June 7, 2016) You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life.

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