It’s been a great week with a bunch of articles I’ve written published online. The goal once again is to help people learn more about money and living life.

It got me thinking of what most people use as an excuse to not live…the lack of money. Yes, money greases the wheel but a person without passion and focus has s/he’s wheel spinning in circles. I often wonder if I spin in circles causing me to tire myself out. I might get so focused on one thing and not take the time to look up to realize I haven’t moved.

Times have changed because I’ve become more aware of who I am and my surroundings. My wheel spins but its now moving.

This week the following articles were published written by me:
1) Blog: What you didn’t learn in college

2) Staying Relevant Demands New Tools, Innovation

3) Phroogal Blog: What’s in a name? Phroogal Defined.

We got our first media mention from the internet’s leading news on startups outside of Silicon Valley.

1) Nibletz: Entrepreneur moves from Palo Alto to New Jersey to Launch Phroogal

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