My Thoughts on Pain

Think of your pain like a physical wound. A scab will eventually form to start the healing process, if we keep picking at the scab, it will never heal. Sometimes we just have to let time do its job. The … Read More

Recognition for My Efforts

In October 2010, I planned on attending the 3rd Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference in Washington DC and be part of an expert panel on financial literacy opportunities. I guess for many of you who don’t know I spend a … Read More

My First Half Marathon

I trained for my first half marathon for a couple weeks and I was a bit nervous coming into this marathon in Provo, UT. But, knowing how I am I challenged myself to keep with the run. My friends Justin … Read More

Knee Pads for Uphill Climbing

I have many friends and colleagues that ask me for advice to help them figure out what to do with their lives. Most often than not, I’m perceived to have such a clear understanding of who I am and where … Read More

On the Road…

This post isn’t so much describing my numerous business trips I take during the year. It’s particularly aimed at a road trip I took a couple years ago that really help me see myself in a totally different light. I … Read More

The past is the past, present and future…

I’m on my balcony staring out onto the street.  I see and hear the occasional car zipping by.  It’s pretty peaceful with the cool Bay area breeze that feel like tiny icicles pinching my skin.  I stare out into the night sky at … Read More

My staycation is turning into a vacation

Traveling is such a big part of my job responsibility and I do enjoy it.  It allows me to explore new areas, meet new interesting people and discover things about myself through the experiences I have at these places. Well, … Read More