The 20 Countries Revealed

The Challenge – Visit 20 countries in 12 months in 2012. On the List… Philippines Cambodia Laos Myanmar (Burma) Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Singapore Macau and Hong Kong (China) Indonesia Papau New Guinea Australia New Zealand Canada Costa Rica Germany Poland … Read More

The Journey Starts with the Mind

I’ve been blogging for a few years now hoping to share with the world my thoughts and ideas. I’ve realized that although the number of readers were few, I found the medium a great way to chronicle my life. For … Read More

20 Countries in 12 Months in 2012

First, I really want to thank all my family, friends and strangers who took the time to vote for me to go to New Zealand. Whether or not I do win this epic trip of a lifetime, I do plan … Read More

My Top 7 Air Travel Observations

As a frequent traveler, I’ve become accustomed to a certain process and order that makes flying a bit more enjoyable for me. I learned (it wasn’t a preference) the importance of packing light, sitting in the front of the plane, … Read More

On the Road…

This post isn’t so much describing my numerous business trips I take during the year. It’s particularly aimed at a road trip I took a couple years ago that really help me see myself in a totally different light. I … Read More

Traveling once again…and um knowing Portuguese helps!

I spent the better half of Sunday traveling from SFO to BOS.  I left SFO without a hitch at 12 midnight and made it to Houston safely to catch my connecting flight.  Although, I came to find out my flight … Read More