Reflections of the Crowd

I’ve contemplated putting myself out there to raise money through the “crowd.” It’s definitely been an emotional ride. I’ve been so busy working on the product and updating the Phroogal Blog I haven’t had time to post any of my … Read More

Slowly But Surely

Building a business isn’t easy. In fact, the idea that you get to “set it and forget it” rarely applies. You have to be involved in it. I’ve learned its important to celebrate little victories and today with Phroogal. I … Read More

Another Great Midnight Idea – Airline Connections

As I sit here in my hotel room in Dallas or should I be more specific, Irving, TX, I started to imagine how could I increase my ability to meet more people. How could I leverage my social networks and … Read More

The Power of Social Networks

So we are seeing the power of social media take place in different parts of the world. You may have already read about Kenneth Cole’s social mistake of using “#cairo” in one of its tweets or Rosetta Stone’s deletion of … Read More