Learning more about the "self" through crowd-funding.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take the time to self-reflect on our first and successful crowd funding attempt. It’s one of those things that become second nature to me after doing the 9-5 ok 60+ hour daily work … Read More

Reflections of the Crowd

I’ve contemplated putting myself out there to raise money through the “crowd.” It’s definitely been an emotional ride. I’ve been so busy working on the product and updating the Phroogal Blog I haven’t had time to post any of my … Read More

The Wheel of Life and a busy week Phroogalizing

It’s been a great week with a bunch of articles I’ve written published online. The goal once again is to help people learn more about money and living life. It got me thinking of what most people use as an … Read More

Another Long Night

I’ve been working on my Phroogal idea for quite some time now.  Today, I had my customized landing page up and running and before bed I checked on the site to see that it was down once again.  Just so … Read More