The Flat Tire

Twenty-five thousand feet up in the air, in the belly of an aircraft, I felt physically closer to God. It may have been the beautiful Roy G. Biv I saw in the distant horizon that makes me ponder my life … Read More

That light in the tunnel…

In the past few months, I’ve spent a good amount of time on the road. You all should know that – as I tweet and foursquare my travels around the nation. I’ve been to LA, DC, Philly, Greensboro, Charlotte, NYC, … Read More

Recognition for My Efforts

In October 2010, I planned on attending the 3rd Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference in Washington DC and be part of an expert panel on financial literacy opportunities. I guess for many of you who don’t know I spend a … Read More

My First Half Marathon

I trained for my first half marathon for a couple weeks and I was a bit nervous coming into this marathon in Provo, UT. But, knowing how I am I challenged myself to keep with the run. My friends Justin … Read More

Knee Pads for Uphill Climbing

I have many friends and colleagues that ask me for advice to help them figure out what to do with their lives. Most often than not, I’m perceived to have such a clear understanding of who I am and where … Read More

A mile a minute…

I’ve been on a consistent drive mode. It’s that drive that has brought me to where I am today. I’m constantly driving, watching where I’m going and planning my next trip. I tend to work hard and work often and … Read More