Selfish or Selfless

[I chose this cover picture because as I was exploring the ancient Candi of Borobudur in Indonesian, I was touched by how beautiful it was and I couldn’t explain it. At the same time, I could hear two people (one … Read More

Another Long Night

I’ve been working on my Phroogal idea for quite some time now.  Today, I had my customized landing page up and running and before bed I checked on the site to see that it was down once again.  Just so … Read More

Home = Where the

I started this blog with the idea I can share the world with the people I love and with strangers who needed some inspiration to live every moment of their life. After traveling through 8 countries since January, I found … Read More

A Chat with a Young Inspirational Monk

In Mandalay, we did what any good tourists would do and that was to make it up Mandalay Hill on the infamous 45 minute barefoot ascent. I timed it. We made it to the hill top, including photo stops, in … Read More

Have a Heart…A day spent with my brother, John.

I took a detour from my world travel to surprise my mother for her birthday. My brother also gave me the opportunity to come with him to see what he does on a typical day spreading the word of heart … Read More

Walking the City of Yangon Myanmar

We arrived in Yangon close to noon from Bangkok, Thailand. The Yangon airport is relatively a new structure. The moment we passed through immigrations and customs, I noticed that majority of men wore skirts which I learn is called a … Read More

If you are interested in something, then show some interest.

If you are interested in something, then show some interest. It’s that simple people. That’s one of my secrets to life. If you like art, you can pick up painting or go visit a museum. If you like traveling, you … Read More

The 20 Countries Revealed

The Challenge – Visit 20 countries in 12 months in 2012. On the List… Philippines Cambodia Laos Myanmar (Burma) Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Singapore Macau and Hong Kong (China) Indonesia Papau New Guinea Australia New Zealand Canada Costa Rica Germany Poland … Read More

The Journey Starts with the Mind

I’ve been blogging for a few years now hoping to share with the world my thoughts and ideas. I’ve realized that although the number of readers were few, I found the medium a great way to chronicle my life. For … Read More

20 Countries in 12 Months in 2012

First, I really want to thank all my family, friends and strangers who took the time to vote for me to go to New Zealand. Whether or not I do win this epic trip of a lifetime, I do plan … Read More