Remembering My Grandma

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking for the past few days of goals both short and long term.  Looking at what is inspiring me internally and what inspires me externally.  I’ve been working on Phroogal since my grandmother died.  I don’t think … Read More

Home = Where the

I started this blog with the idea I can share the world with the people I love and with strangers who needed some inspiration to live every moment of their life. After traveling through 8 countries since January, I found … Read More

Motherly Love – Happy 60 years of bringing love into this world!

There is nothing  greater than the love of my mother.  My mom is the silent hero, the boo-boo doctor, the therapist, the fighter and champion.  I recall the first day I was in a hotel room in Redwood City, CA. … Read More

Have a Heart…A day spent with my brother, John.

I took a detour from my world travel to surprise my mother for her birthday. My brother also gave me the opportunity to come with him to see what he does on a typical day spreading the word of heart … Read More

20 Countries in 12 Months in 2012

First, I really want to thank all my family, friends and strangers who took the time to vote for me to go to New Zealand. Whether or not I do win this epic trip of a lifetime, I do plan … Read More