Airplane Ritual: Heading for Laos

This is part of the last leg of my journey in 2012. I definitely learned a lot more about myself than I could have ever anticipated. I finally let go of the past for the most part and allowed myself … Read More

The Shwedagon Paya (The Golden Pagoda)

We walked a couple miles exploring the city and the sun was going to set in a couple hours. I see in the distance the Golden Pagoda. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I sat down on … Read More

The Mae Hong Son Loop – A must do in Thailand.

During our overnight train ride into Chiang Mai, we had decided we wanted to experience the Loop. The Loop includes the following stops – Chiang Mai > Pai > Mae Hong Son > Kayan Village > Chiang Mai. If you … Read More

The Giant Puppet Parade

Jae and I decided to stick around Siem Reap to see what the big deal was about this Giant Puppet Parade which would take place in the Pub Street area. Low and behold it was pretty emotional. Maybe it was … Read More

The Flat Tire

Twenty-five thousand feet up in the air, in the belly of an aircraft, I felt physically closer to God. It may have been the beautiful Roy G. Biv I saw in the distant horizon that makes me ponder my life … Read More