After 107 days on the road, the Phroogal team completed an epic journey that continued on the mission to break the social taboo and empower a generation through financial knowledge. We began our road trip with an event in my hometown of Elizabeth, NJ that was attended by over 210 people and our final event in San Diego was attended by 264 people.

The Road to Financial Wellness 2016 Phroogal

I’ve often stated that if we can get a dozen people to a financial education event we’re on the right track but if we can dozens of people (in this case hundreds) into a financial wellness event, we are definitely on to something great.

Results of The Road to Financial Wellness 2016

  • Events: 54
  • Financial Education Hours: 216
  • Attendees: 6,845
  • Pit Stops: 50
  • Miles Traveled: 18,656
  • States Visited: 46
  • Bloggers/Podcasters Participated: 65
  • Companies and Non-Profit Participated: 26
  • Credit Unions: 31

Notable Mentions: FinCon, USAA, Credit Sesame, Rutgers University, Experian and Centsai.

Social Reach

  • Facebook Live Views: 200,000+
  • Twitter Impressions: 32,923,818

We learned a great deal from this year’s attendees who began asking us how they can choose the best products and services or where to find them. There was a growing understanding that life goals are as important as financial goals. In fact, some attendees stated the notion that life is just summed up by numbers (income, debt, credit score and retirement account) has gotten many stressed out. Our focus on the quality of one’s life and how these numbers impact their ability to achieve their life goals helped raise awareness.

We found more people motivated and empowered.

The big lesson learned: There is so much information that is readily available online but a big problem for millennials is the inability to sift through the information easily to discover relevant information and find the right products and services.

We have so much data to continue to parse through and will share as we crunch the numbers and read through the feedback.

If you want to learn more about the road trip check out the following links:

And yes, we’re planning on doing this again, so stay tuned.

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