Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

I decided to finally update my personal website after releasing my first book on Amazon. It’s been quite successful hitting #1 on Best Seller (Free) for Startups and Entrepreneurship over the weekend. It’s now on the paid section and still doing quite well. Writing a book has been in my bucket list for years with a couple failed attempts. I have a couple book manuscripts in my Google Drive with thousands of words but never kept the motivation to finish them.

Crowdfunding A Bootstrapped Startup

So what made me finally write a book?

Since successfully crowd funding Phroogal back in October 2013, I continuously receive emails and requests on some lessons learned. Eventually, it gets more difficult to find the time as Phroogal continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The bulk of the work in building Phroogal is still done by a small team of 3 and I often find myself working 18 hour days. I still wanted a way to pay it forward so with the help of a ghostwriter and editor I was able to get a book completed.

I figured the best way to help others was to write a book about the experience with some lessons learned and tips. I wrote the book with my perspective hoping to give the reader a peek into what it was like in the crowd. It was also an extension of gratitude for the 541 supporters who made it possible. Ten months later, we’ve made strides with our promise on building Phroogal and we’re still working hard to deliver on our mission.

Crowdfunding Jason Vitug

Anyhow, the book is titled, “Crowdfunding a Bootstrapped Startup: How We Hacked Our Way to Success.” It’s an account of the days before, during and after our Indiegogo campaign thattook place back in September-October 2013 that led to successfully raising $78,501 in 30 days with the help of 541 supporters.

To purchase a copy of the book on Amazon click here.


  1. Sanjay Pandey

    Hey Jason,

    Nice way to help others with your experience. I am sure it will help other startup fellows.

    Good luck.


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