I trained for my first half marathon for a couple weeks and I was a bit nervous coming into this marathon in Provo, UT. But, knowing how I am I challenged myself to keep with the run. My friends Justin and Kent are runners having done a number of half-marathons and marathons in their life time. I wasn’t going to keep up with them I wanted to attain a goal to complete the half-marathon in 2 hours.

On the 9th mile, the outer part of my left kneecap started to buckle and a sharp pain ran up my leg to my head. At that point I realized I could keep trying to run and risk injury. I checked my time and I was at 1:23 so plenty of time to meet my goal. I kept pushing myself but half a mile towards mile 10, I had to discontinue the painful jog to a hobbling walk. So yes, I walked 4 miles to the finish line. But, I did finish in 3 hours.


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