Just-in-Time Financial Education

When people seek financial knowledge they are actually looking for actionable steps such as purchasing a financial product or service. People are not searching for information for the sake of entertainment. They are doing so because they want to learn … Read More

I just voted…have you?

I just voted today in the CA primary. Make sure you have too and it’s not too late to vote for me as the Next Top Credit Union Exec.  http://www.nexttopcreditunionexec.com/vote [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nqR-_ozTUA]

Voting in the Primary Elections

I just recently finished a seminar with 24 Wellness Champions on the importance of Financial Education in the Workplace that impacts employee morale and health. It was well received and currently receiving a number of request to come onsite to … Read More

The Next Top Credit Union Exec

As many of you have seen me deliver seminars and involved in what’s going on in and around campus to help foster that sense of community. Many of you may know I am a big advocate of financial literacy. I’ve … Read More