It Doesn't Have to be a Living Human Museum

Jae blurts out in a sarcastic voice, “You only feel that way because that Dutch girl said so.” Maybe he was right. He was referring to a conversation a Dutch girl and I had during our trip from Chiang Mai … Read More

The Mae Hong Son Loop – A must do in Thailand.

During our overnight train ride into Chiang Mai, we had decided we wanted to experience the Loop. The Loop includes the following stops – Chiang Mai > Pai > Mae Hong Son > Kayan Village > Chiang Mai. If you … Read More

Ok, How about a 'non-ruin' Buddhist Temple?

I’ve been in Siem Reap Cambodia for some time now spending days exploring the ruins of the once mighty Angkor Empire. It’s been great! But, it was time for me to see another side of Cambodia. I was curious in … Read More

Soaking in the Culture of Cambodia

It’s been an amazing time seeing the ruins of the temples of Angkor. But, I have to admit I am yearning to see an actual buddhist temple that isn’t in ruins. Jae and I set out on a journey to … Read More

Tomb Raider…No! It's Angkor Wat!!!

I realized that I have known Cambodia for a some time now. Since childhood, we’ve been shown pictures of Cambodia’s ancient history through games like Street Fighter and Tomb Raider. Yes, you read it right!!! The images of these ancient … Read More

Exploring The Ruins of Angkor Thom

Just arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia and ready to explore. Ok, so I didn’t know much about Cambodia. I lie I had no clue what Cambodia offered until I was asked to go meet up with my friend Jae in … Read More

How Tall Is It? My Neck Hurts!

The moment I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur center I looked like one of those tourists who just got to NYC arching their necks to stare up at the skyscrapers. Wow, these buildings are extremely tall, extremely new and quite … Read More

The 20 Countries Revealed

The Challenge – Visit 20 countries in 12 months in 2012. On the List… Philippines Cambodia Laos Myanmar (Burma) Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Singapore Macau and Hong Kong (China) Indonesia Papau New Guinea Australia New Zealand Canada Costa Rica Germany Poland … Read More

20 Countries in 12 Months in 2012

First, I really want to thank all my family, friends and strangers who took the time to vote for me to go to New Zealand. Whether or not I do win this epic trip of a lifetime, I do plan … Read More

My Top 7 Air Travel Observations

As a frequent traveler, I’ve become accustomed to a certain process and order that makes flying a bit more enjoyable for me. I learned (it wasn’t a preference) the importance of packing light, sitting in the front of the plane, … Read More