Let's Create a Network of Amazing Lives

I posted this on Facebook and wanted to expand, “I finally caught up on what’s been happening on race relations here in the US. It’s not a matter of black and white, yellow and brown, blue or red. It boils … Read More

My Thoughts on Pain

Think of your pain like a physical wound. A scab will eventually form to start the healing process, if we keep picking at the scab, it will never heal. Sometimes we just have to let time do its job. The … Read More

Rock Climbing, Zip-Lining and Horseback Riding…Oh My…Costa Rica!!!

I set out on this journey to go see the world but I’ve also realized in this time how important it is to keep the connections you have back home. I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world … Read More

Home = Where the

I started this blog with the idea I can share the world with the people I love and with strangers who needed some inspiration to live every moment of their life. After traveling through 8 countries since January, I found … Read More

Motherly Love – Happy 60 years of bringing love into this world!

There is nothing  greater than the love of my mother.  My mom is the silent hero, the boo-boo doctor, the therapist, the fighter and champion.  I recall the first day I was in a hotel room in Redwood City, CA. … Read More

If you are interested in something, then show some interest.

If you are interested in something, then show some interest. It’s that simple people. That’s one of my secrets to life. If you like art, you can pick up painting or go visit a museum. If you like traveling, you … Read More

Affection and Love

It’s amazing when you open your heart how much more your eyes and mind can see. The past two weeks I’ve learned a great deal about myself that I neglected to work on. It took an angel to make me … Read More

The past is the past, present and future…

I’m on my balcony staring out onto the street.  I see and hear the occasional car zipping by.  It’s pretty peaceful with the cool Bay area breeze that feel like tiny icicles pinching my skin.  I stare out into the night sky at … Read More