How Can You "Find" Purpose

Purpose is something much greater than oneself. When you serve a purpose you’re fulfilling a void in your life that’ll enable you to feel more satisfaction and joy. When I wrote my book, I was originally going to focus only … Read More

Announcing: You Only Live Once

Today, I’m excited to let you all know of my upcoming book called, You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life. I’m excited to have packed much of what I’ve learned in the past decade … Read MoreRead More


Gratitude. Make sure you let those who’ve touched your lives know how they’ve added joy in your life and made you smile. Let those who’ve helped you achieve milestones and goals celebrate with you. Nothing in this world is achieved … Read More

Make This Your Year of AWESOME

The first day has just passed for us East Coast folks! If you spent it nursing a hangover, sleep or with family, it’s time to make page 2 the day to take the first step into your Year of Awesome. … Read More

My Belief in Science and God

In 2011, frustrated and unable to sleep, I walked out into my bedroom balcony and stared up at the night sky. I didn’t ask God how I got there rather asked him why was I there. That changed the course … Read More

What keeps you going when all odds seem stacked against you?

Got this email – “So what keeps you going when all odds seem stacked against you?” Whenever the stacks seemed bent to defeat me or topple over and crush me I move away from it. It doesn’t mean the barriers … Read More

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

I was laying in my old bed staring at the ceiling. I just finished writing another article for US News, scheduled posts on Hootsuite, brainstorm on blog topics and answered questions on My mind constantly goes in full speed … Read More

Feeling Inspiration and Inspiring Others

I heard yesterday that the word “inspired” derived from “in spirit.” Not sure if it’s true but it got me thinking. You can say it inspired me to figure it out. I wondered why some things have failed while other … Read More

Reassess and Recharge

I must have only slept a few hours but I feel rejuvenated. I spent a good deal of time on Saturday in deep thought and meditation. I do this pretty often to give myself some time to reflect. Have gratitude … Read More

The Holiday Season

Happy Holidays to all of you. I love this time of year because it reminds me so much of growing up as a kid listening to Christmas music and smell of the fireplace. I can here Karen Carpenter singing “Chestnut … Read More