A Job Interview Gone Wrong

Last night I recalled a job interview that gone wrong.  Not for me but for them.   About 5 years ago in Jersey, I went to a job interview. I met and sat across one of the most pretentious and … Read More

Passion or Poison

I’ve felt really stressed the past few days.  I am not sure if its just dealing with overseas programmers again or just my over zealous nature. I can call it passion but it definitely can be poison. I laid in … Read More

Another Long Night

I’ve been working on my Phroogal idea for quite some time now.  Today, I had my customized landing page up and running and before bed I checked on the site to see that it was down once again.  Just so … Read More

Why I do what I do?

I was walking 2 miles to the train station which is perfect time to reflect. I really care about people. I care about the quality of my life too. It’s why I’m building Phroogal. I know it can help many … Read More

Have a Heart…A day spent with my brother, John.

I took a detour from my world travel to surprise my mother for her birthday. My brother also gave me the opportunity to come with him to see what he does on a typical day spreading the word of heart … Read More

Another Great Midnight Idea – Airline Connections

As I sit here in my hotel room in Dallas or should I be more specific, Irving, TX, I started to imagine how could I increase my ability to meet more people. How could I leverage my social networks and … Read More

The Power of Social Networks

So we are seeing the power of social media take place in different parts of the world. You may have already read about Kenneth Cole’s social mistake of using “#cairo” in one of its tweets or Rosetta Stone’s deletion of … Read More

Recognition for My Efforts

In October 2010, I planned on attending the 3rd Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference in Washington DC and be part of an expert panel on financial literacy opportunities. I guess for many of you who don’t know I spend a … Read More