Passion, Happiness and Serving Your Purpose

I was asked to speak on the topic of purpose and happiness on the radio. I got my talking points ready and alas we focused our 4 minute airtime discussion on financial wellness. Mission: You can feel more happiness and … Read More

What keeps you going when all odds seem stacked against you?

Got this email – “So what keeps you going when all odds seem stacked against you?” Whenever the stacks seemed bent to defeat me or topple over and crush me I move away from it. It doesn’t mean the barriers … Read More

Have I truly failed if I've grown?

A good start to the weekend. I did a podcast interview today which lasted close to an hour and a half. It was enlightening and refreshing. If you really want something bad enough you have to keep going for it. … Read More

Reassess and Recharge

I must have only slept a few hours but I feel rejuvenated. I spent a good deal of time on Saturday in deep thought and meditation. I do this pretty often to give myself some time to reflect. Have gratitude … Read More

My First Post of 2014 and My First Published Book

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! I decided to finally update my personal website after releasing my first book on Amazon. It’s been quite successful hitting #1 on Best Seller (Free) for Startups and Entrepreneurship over the weekend. … Read More

Learning more about the "self" through crowd-funding.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take the time to self-reflect on our first and successful crowd funding attempt. It’s one of those things that become second nature to me after doing the 9-5 ok 60+ hour daily work … Read More

Reflections of the Crowd

I’ve contemplated putting myself out there to raise money through the “crowd.” It’s definitely been an emotional ride. I’ve been so busy working on the product and updating the Phroogal Blog I haven’t had time to post any of my … Read More

The Wheel of Life and a busy week Phroogalizing

It’s been a great week with a bunch of articles I’ve written published online. The goal once again is to help people learn more about money and living life. It got me thinking of what most people use as an … Read More

Slowly But Surely

Building a business isn’t easy. In fact, the idea that you get to “set it and forget it” rarely applies. You have to be involved in it. I’ve learned its important to celebrate little victories and today with Phroogal. I … Read More

Why am I working on Phroogal?

Read it originally on the Phroogal Blog “People read blogs and participate in forums because its an exchange of ideas and stories. I am creating something bigger. I want to help more people. I want people to find answers to … Read More