Ok, How about a 'non-ruin' Buddhist Temple?

I’ve been in Siem Reap Cambodia for some time now spending days exploring the ruins of the once mighty Angkor Empire. It’s been great! But, it was time for me to see another side of Cambodia. I was curious in … Read More

Soaking in the Culture of Cambodia

It’s been an amazing time seeing the ruins of the temples of Angkor. But, I have to admit I am yearning to see an actual buddhist temple that isn’t in ruins. Jae and I set out on a journey to … Read More

Tomb Raider…No! It's Angkor Wat!!!

I realized that I have known Cambodia for a some time now. Since childhood, we’ve been shown pictures of Cambodia’s ancient history through games like Street Fighter and Tomb Raider. Yes, you read it right!!! The images of these ancient … Read More

The Giant Puppet Parade

Jae and I decided to stick around Siem Reap to see what the big deal was about this Giant Puppet Parade which would take place in the Pub Street area. Low and behold it was pretty emotional. Maybe it was … Read More

Exploring The Ruins of Angkor Thom

Just arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia and ready to explore. Ok, so I didn’t know much about Cambodia. I lie I had no clue what Cambodia offered until I was asked to go meet up with my friend Jae in … Read More