A Moment When You Just Pause – Cu Chi Tunnels

It’s been well over 6 hours since I left Cu Chi a province 60 km north of Saigon. Growing up you learn about the Vietnam War and through the years I’ve read numerous articles and books about the war from … Read More

Back from Halong Bay and a Surprise Meet

I didn’t know what to expect when I booked the trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam.  I figured it would just be another check in the list of “amazing” places people had to go see and experience.  The van picked Liam … Read More

My Fellow Jerseyans!

I travelled 10,000 miles away and find myself hanging out with two adventurous and hilarious girls from Jersey. In such a short period of time, I felt like I’ve know Jasmine and Georgia for years now. Jasmine I met back … Read More

Airplane Ritual: Heading for Laos

This is part of the last leg of my journey in 2012. I definitely learned a lot more about myself than I could have ever anticipated. I finally let go of the past for the most part and allowed myself … Read More

A Few Months After Dalla

I was able to finally download the rest of the videos from my Samsung Galaxy S phone. I began the editing and uploading process for YouTube. I haven’t seen the videos in quite some time and after reviewing them it … Read More

Nothing More American Than NASCAR

I’ve been back in the States spending sometime with my family and friends. My good friend Chito asked last minute if I wanted to go to NASCAR in Dover, DE. So, I took the offer. One of the best parts … Read More

Rock Climbing, Zip-Lining and Horseback Riding…Oh My…Costa Rica!!!

I set out on this journey to go see the world but I’ve also realized in this time how important it is to keep the connections you have back home. I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world … Read More

The Famed Moustache Brothers Show

The lonely book touted it as a must see when in Mandalay. I had actually never heard of them but then again I never really knew much about Myanmar, which I called Burma, until I came to Southeast Asia. I … Read More

A Chat with a Young Inspirational Monk

In Mandalay, we did what any good tourists would do and that was to make it up Mandalay Hill on the infamous 45 minute barefoot ascent. I timed it. We made it to the hill top, including photo stops, in … Read More

Temples, Stupas and Pagados. Welcome to Bagan!

Bagan, Myanmar is like a Disneyland for adults and I loved every minute of it from the sun that attacked us from above, to the dusts that encircled us and through the bumpy horse carriage rides. One word…AMAZING! We hired … Read More