I’ve been working on my Phroogal idea for quite some time now.  Today, I had my customized landing page up and running and before bed I checked on the site to see that it was down once again.  Just so happens the files were all deleted.  Well another 2 hours with support and finally got the site back up but with a later version.  Waiting on my programmer from Vietnam to reload the revised site.

Talk about stressed.  I’m sitting here wondering is this all worth it?

I know it is but even just a landing page can be this much work.  I know not all things are easy and it takes hard work and determination…lots of patience.

I’m trying to balance everything I learned from traveling overseas for 12 months.  Keep the balance.

Stay focused…not so much of my ambitions…but also on my personal development.  I just realized I haven’t meditated in the last couple weeks or gone to yoga.  I need to get back on that.


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