You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life

Jason Vitug You Only Live Once

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You Only Live Once  redefines the millennial mantra into a practice of mindful financial decision-making to engineer one’s dream lifestyle. There are numerous books, seminars and apps created to address the issue of financial illiteracy but none highlights the fundamental reason why financial knowledge is important. It’s important to address the inner motivations and habits that are preventing many from living their dreams.

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YOU MAY THINK MORE MONEY is the key to living the life of your dreams, but in reality, most people are unable to live the lives they want because they lack a clear vision for their life and are setting financial goals that do not align with what they truly value. If you want to rediscover your passions and define your purpose, You Only Live Once is your complete guide to understanding your money mindset and teaching you to manage money with a purpose—to live your dream lifestyle in this lifetime.

In seven years, author Jason Vitug went from cleaning toilets and serving drinks to making decisions in a Silicon Valley boardroom. He had a walk-in closet as big as the room he and his brothers once shared, but he found himself living paycheck to paycheck. Through his personal story of how he redefined the way he sees money to live a more fulfilling life, he shares memorable lessons learned to motivate you to create a lifestyle budget, save purposefully, spend consciously, and rethink retirement.

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Addressing issues on a much deeper level than nuts-and-bolts financial plans, this revolutionary guidebook sheds light on the behaviors and spending habits that shape a person’s money mindset. By enhancing your approach to money, you can avoid the irrational financial decision making undermining your rational goals. You can make actual progress your very first day with:

  • A step-by-step process for assessing your spending habits and how to improve them to benefit from the power of time
  • Focused exercises enabling you to identify your unique financial goals and create a customized savings strategy to turn your vision for your life into reality
  • A concrete framework for clarifying the values shaping your life, increasing your income, and spending money with the purpose of materializing your dreams

Money isn’t a goal—it’s a resource you need to live the life you see for yourself, and You Only Live Once shows you how to efficiently use your wealth to create and sustain the lifestyle you want.

You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life

Jason Vitug You Only Live Once

Structured in three parts, the book focuses on the ACT Process:

  • Awareness focuses on understanding their relationship with money in a process to accept past financial decisions and articulate their lifestyle goal. This stage is about financial awareness.
  • Create a Plan is the second stage walking the reader through the budgeting process helping to align the readers financial goals with their lifestyle goal.
  • Take Control is the third stage that focuses on practicing mindfulness and changing habits.

You Only Live Once is a motivational, self-help, and personal finance book geared to people who seek to change their lives through a better understanding of their relationship with money, behaviors and habits, and increased financial awareness.

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“You Only Live Once is an essential money and life guidebook to help you improve your relationship with money and create a wealthy and purposeful life. Jason’s story is incredibly inspiring.”
—FARNOOSH TORABI, Host of CNBC’s Follow the Leader and So Money podcast

“Jason is one of the most genuine, and positive, people I know. He wants people to live a life of happiness. You can’t help but be moved to take action after reading this book!”
—J. MONEY, Founder,

“Jason Vitug’s key message is to spend your time and money on things that matter. You Only Live Once provides a roadmap to leverage financial knowledge and recommended practices to simultaneously achieve financial wellness and work-life balance. Readers of all ages will benefit from his insights.”
—DR. BARBARA O’NEILL, CFP, Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University

“One of the founders of the credit union movement, Edward Filene, once said ‘keep purpose constant.’ Purpose drives the credit union system and keeping it central to your own personal financial life is vitally important as well, which Jason hits home in this book.”
—GIGI HYLAND, Executive Director, National Credit Union Foundation

“Ride along as your guide Jason Vitug shares his truly inspiring story and his practical tips for living a more intentional financial life.”
—PHILIP TAYLOR, Founder, FinCon

“Jason’s approach to money is hopeful and energetic. If you’re tired of money controlling your happiness and feeling hopeless about your finances, this book will help to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance.”
—TIFFANY ALICHE, “The Budgetnista” and Founder of the Live Richer Academy

“We’re all on the financial road to somewhere, aren’t we? With You Only Live Once, Jason Vitug hands you not only a comprehensive roadmap, but also the powerful keys to success, some sunscreen, and shades.”
—JOE SAUL-SEHY, Cohost, Stacking Benjamins podcast

“This book is going to change your life! Jason has mindfully lived every part of what he shares and that makes all the difference. His transformational journey helps you to gain clarity on your own path to finding joy with money—what could be better than that?”
—LEISA PETERSON, CFP, Mindful Money Mentor, Founder of WealthClinic

“Jason’s ACT process challenges you to accept your past decisions, establish new goals, and push forward to live the life you truly desire and deserve.”
—PATRICE C. WASHINGTON, best-selling author of Real Money Answers and Money Maven of the Steve Harvey Morning Show

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