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How to Spring Forward Your Finances

Daylight Savings Time begins on March 12 this year and as we move into the Spring season this day has always reminded me to take a moment to spring forward our finances. There are many things that can distract us in our daily lives so it’s important to use days like these to remind us to take time to evaluate our financial situations and set goals.

I’ve always found springtime to be an easier period to reevaluating financial relationships and assessing financial goals. I feel this way because the sun is out a little longer and the warm weather brings with it a better mood.

Today, I am the guest for #CashChat a weekly Twitter chat hosted by the amazing Tarra “Ms. Madam Money” Jackson, a good friend and colleague.

I’m challenging you all to a 238 day of Daylight Savings. The prize? Your savings account after the challenge is over.

The goal of course is ingraining the habit of savings well before the holiday spending season begins which coincidently is when DST ends on November 2nd.

4 Ways to Save During Daylight Savings Time

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1. Set a savings goal. Set a savings goal that you’d like to achieve by November 1st. It might be funds for the holiday gift list, a winter vacation or simply challenge yourself to see if you can set a financial goal and achieve it.

2. Transfer a dollar a day. If saving is something you haven’t done, start by depositing or transferring $1 each day into a savings account. Don’t cheat by depositing $7 for an entire week. The idea is for you to become aware of your savings account and ingrain a habit of depositing into it. One dollar doesn’t seem a lot but think of it as an exercise. The small amounts lead to larger weights…er…um…dollar amounts.

This exercise is great for children too. Give your child a dollar and have them place it in a savings jar. If you’re tech savvy, show your child how money is transferred from your account into their savings account online.

3. Save $5 a day by cutting out a daily treat. If you’re like me you might be spending $5 on coffee at your favorite cafe. During DST, goal yourself to save $5 per day and place that amount into a savings account. By the end of Daylight Savings Time, you’ll see a savings account with $1190.

4. Lower monthly expenses. Spring into action and cut out unnecessary monthly payments. Call up your cellular company, cable, gas and oil providers and ask for a discount or learn about new deals that can save you money. Any dollars you save on bills is then transferred into a savings account.

We all know the importance of savings and there are many ways to save. The motivation to save is just a latent one so we do need clever ideas to get the savings mojo going.

What are some of your ideas to save during Daylight Savings Time?

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Just-in-Time Financial Education

When people seek financial knowledge they are actually looking for actionable steps such as purchasing a financial product or service. People are not searching for information for the sake of entertainment. They are doing so because they want to learn how they can improve their lives and what steps they can take to do so at that time. In a perfect world we’d love to see more proactive attempts but that only happens to those who become more self aware of their true inner motivations.

As I continue down this path, it is reaffirmed that after all the financial education from financial institutions and non-profits, people still rely on search engines to find relevant financial information to make decisions. The results however are search engine optimized, advertised and mostly unverifiable links. This causes a delay in action-taking.

There is a way to connect financial education with financial information that support millennial generation’s need for just-in-time financial decision.

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I just voted…have you?

I just voted today in the CA primary. Make sure you have too and it’s not too late to vote for me as the Next Top Credit Union Exec.


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Voting in the Primary Elections

I just recently finished a seminar with 24 Wellness Champions on the importance of Financial Education in the Workplace that impacts employee morale and health. It was well received and currently receiving a number of request to come onsite to present to their employee population.

Then I realized today was Primary Day in California. I need to go out and vote!

Participating in our government is extremely important. It’s our sure fire way of voicing our support or opposition on key issues that impact us personally, our family and our work. All in all the decisions made by those running and winning the elected office impact our way of life.

Today, in California is Primary Day, and I will be casting my vote before the polls closed.

I hope you take the time to vote for in a different election of sorts as the Next Top Credit Union Exec. I stand for financial literacy in the workplace to help all generations understand basic finance or employing all the communication channels available to reach everyone not just the youth. My goal is to encourage collaboration between the older generation and the new generation to work towards the common purpose of heightening the credit union industry.  Yes, the cool factor is great with the youth but what stands the test of time is not the social media channels it’s how we use them to communicate how we help members get ahead!

“I’m Jason Vitug, I help members get ahead financially and help my credit union get ahead through literacy.”

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The Next Top Credit Union Exec

As many of you have seen me deliver seminars and involved in what’s going on in and around campus to help foster that sense of community. Many of you may know I am a big advocate of financial literacy. I’ve seen so many not-for-profits and financial institutions target financial education to our youth. I do believe laying the foundation early is important however I’ve always asked, what about us folks?  Those of us who have put the classroom days behind us are always thirsty for knowledge and we may not be as vocal as we want to be.

I’ve made it a mission to bring Financial Literacy to the Workplace. I’m not alone at this, the US Government believes in this too! Help me reach a career milestone and chance to win tuition scholarship of up to $25,000 to attend courses at Harvard Business School and Wharton School of Business.  I’d like to share this conversation I had with someone recently.  Someone asked me , “Why I was spending so much time getting people to vote?” Maybe that is the issue with the Credit Union industry? Some prevailing mindset and/or lack of competitiveness which I believe doesn’t lead to the  innovation and business success we need in the industry.  I told this person that the first step to being successful is trying and it’s not worth trying if you don’t give it your all.  I’m giving it my all with your help of course. Please take the time to vote.

Vote for me

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