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Hello, I am Jason Vitug and thank you for your interesting in learning more about who I am and what I do.

I am a bestselling author, money blogger, millennial topic expert, motivational speaker, and social impact entrepreneur as founder of the personal finance website Phroogal. I am best known as a financial motivator and lifestyle engineer helping millennials achieve their life and financial goals through financial storytelling.

I promote The Smile Lifestyle movement, an online and social community of millennials who are living purposeful lives and making informed financial decisions to stop wasting time and money, and focus on the things that matter. The movement is based on a belief that experiential and purposeful living can be achieved through sound financial decision making.

In 2015, I created the award winning project – The Road to Financial Wellness – a cross country and social campaign to break the taboo about money and empower a generation. To date, the road trip team has successful completed 91 events attended by 14,600+ people in over 80 locations across 46 states.

YOLO Book Jason VitugIn 2016, my first book You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life was released by Wiley and has turned into an international bestseller and reviewed by The New York Times.

The book redefines the millennial mantra into a process of money mindfulness that stresses the importance of sound financial decision making to create a lifetime of moments.


Highlights and Awards

  • Worked in the financial services industry for 8 years and was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for a Silicon Valley Area based credit union.
  • Left corporate senior executive job in 2012 and backpacked through 20 countries in 12 months.
  • Founded Phroogal as a personal finance blog in April 2013 and successfully crowdfunded raising $78,501 through the support of 541 people.
  • Recipient of the Urban League of Union County Young Professionals 2015 Entrepreneurial Award.
  • Recipient of Innovation Award for Workplace Literacy from the Society of Financial Educators and Professional Development

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More Personal Stuff About Me

I graduated from Norwich University and Rutgers University receiving a B.S. in Finance and have my Masters of Business Administration.

I am a “people-person.” I gravitate towards areas that motivate, inspire and uplift people. I’m an idea man, a go-to-person, adventure seeker, couch surfer, a helper and a leader, a realist and a dreamer. I am as complex as one can be. I’m a man with conflicting thoughts and views that’s given me the ability to see the best in any situation and in everyone.

I’m fascinated by the world around me and equally curious about the untold wonders above. I’ve been to 47 states in the Union and explored three continents. I believe in the power of the mind and the law of the universe to make anything a reality. I’ve been called lucky but cleaning toilets is not a distant memory.

I’m a micro loan philanthropist (view my Kiva profile) focused on self-sufficiency and a serial entrepreneur bent on world sustainability. I’m a filmmaker capturing history and a writer blogging curiosity.

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